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Dental Procedures

We all know that our pets can have bad breath! But did you know that bad breath may indicate gum disease? According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80 percent of dogs by age three and 70 percent of cats by age three show some signs of gum disease. Oral disease is actually the #1 health problem diagnosed in dogs and cats.

The mouth is the entrance to the body for all animals. Injury or damage to the teeth and oral soft tissues can present an ideal pathway for pathogens (bacteria) to enter the body and cause local and major systemic problems. Just like humans, animals can develop oral disease without proper dental care.

To provide proper care:

1 - Schedule an appointment with us for a dental exam.

2 - Begin a regular dental routine at home. We can show you how to clean your pet's teeth effectively.

3 - Schedule regular veterinary checkups to monitor your pet's dental health, as well as overall health.

We know from experience that dental pain can be severe, but animals do not have our complex psychological attitudes and therefore, they interpret pain differently. Our goal at Conchester Animal Hospital is to restore function and alleviate pain in our patients. Some of the services offered to accomplish this are:

  • oral exams
  • dental cleanings
  • dental x-rays
  • restorations
  • orthodontic
  • root canal therapy
  • extractions
  • periodontal surgery (soft tissue repair)
  • crowns if necessary

w Call us today to schedule an appointment: 610-485-6007