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All of our pets are very special, but some stories are worth sharing because they are unusual or extraordinary. We will highlight special procedures and cases to give you insight to the exciting world of veterinary medicine. Visit this page regularly to share our newest pet stories.


"Miracle Puppy" gets surgery

A beautiful 3 month old Boston Terrier puppy was brought to the animal hospital that was in dire need of a rare surgery. The puppy was born with a defect called persistent right aortic arch (PRAA) which is fatal if uncorrected. This defect causes a series of constricted bands to form above the heart that chokes off the esophagus and blocks any solid food from entering the stomach. These puppies slowly starve to death and often develop pneumonia from the constant vomiting that occurs when these puppies try to eat.

Dr. Andrew Lombardo and Dr. Harvey Yenkinson performed this unusual surgery to correct the defect. The surgery involves opening up the chest cavity and working directly on top of the heart to remove the constricting bands. Technicians Karen Milne and Terry Kehne monitoed the respirations, blood pressure, and oxygen concentration of the blood.

The procedure took several hours due to the delicate nature of the surgery which requires removal of the PRAA band and several other bands. The surgery must be done without damaging the esophagus, heart, blood vessels, or any of the nerves that course through the chest.

Surgery went well, post op intensive care went well, and the puppy rested well through the nite. The following day the puppy was fed baby food and was recovering well. The following day the puppy continued to thrive and went home on antibiotics and pain medicine.

The owner returned ten days later for suture removal and had a name for her little puppy. She calls the puppy, "MIRACLE PUPPY."

The entire staff was glad to have been able to participate in this rare life saving operation and are glad the puppy is doing well.